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The Importance of Supply Security

The COVID-19 pandemic worldwide has caused immense strain on the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Current realities include:

  • Increased sensitivity over origins of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

  • Providing transparency over sourcing of Key Starting Materials (KSM) - origins, gluten/lactose/dye free

  • Heightened transparency over adequate supply of API and safety stock.

  • Shelf-life of product

  • Supply Chain Consistency/readiness

  • Serialization readiness

  • Customers increasing interest in diversifying their supply risk with high volume categories (e.g. women’s health – thyroid) to minimize service disruptions with incumbent suppliers

Provell Pharmaceuticals stands ready to meet and exceed these expectations of our customers and patients. 

Provell is committed to:

  • Only source products with API/KSM from countries within Europe

  • Maintain at minimum an adequate supply of product to meet existing demand and allocate additional stock to cover for potential supply disruptions (‘levo-insurance’)

  • Utilize high quality standards and control in the manufacturing and distribution of our products throughout the United States.

Learn how Provell is providing the United States the leading dispensed brand [1] of levothyroxine worldwide at a generic price to mitigate supply chain risk in these challenging times.

Levosurance Image.PNG

[1] Source: Data on file – IQVIA Q4 - 2021

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