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So what does my medication truly cost?

Today, it is often very difficult to find transparency in the true price of your prescription as wholesalers, pharmacies, and pharmacy benefit managers can adjust the price of your prescription.  This can lead to confusion and uncertainty.  We believe that our product should be priced differently.  

Pharmacist Assisting Customer
Dollar Bills

We price our branded drugs in line with generic products.

Provell is committed to pricing transparency by offering high quality products at a low cost. Essentially, this means that your prescription, whether processed through your insurance or not, will be priced in-line with generics the majority of the time.

We remove the confusion associated with the branded drug distribution and reimbursement system.

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We achieve this by providing low cost medications for Medicare/Medicaid, Commercially insured, Underinsured (e.g. high deductible plans), Uninsured, or Cash paying patients.

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