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So what does my medication truly cost?

Today, it is often very difficult to find the true price of your prescription as wholesalers, pharmacies, and pharmacy benefit managers raise the price of your prescription.  We believe that our product should be different.  

Pharmacist Assisting Customer

Euthyrox is brand quality available at a generic price

As of August 2022, there are nine (9) different manufacturers of branded levothyroxine [1]

There are four [4] different manufacturers of generic levothyroxine (unbranded) [2]

Dollar Bills

Average retail price of levothyroxine (brand) vs (generic)


Generic Levothyroxine

Branded Levothyroxine

25 mcg

50 mcg

75 mcg

88 mcg

100 mcg

112 mcg

125 mcg

137 mcg

150 mcg

175 mcg

200 mcg

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